One of the questions I am asked as a commissioner is,“what is being constructed at this address?” I usually can provide an answer because most construction touches on water and sewer service. As a utility, we are constantly doing construction projects. The largest one is our Headquarters Building on 1st Ave. I am so proud of our employees in the planning and managing of the construction. Having moved our departments into the building this summer, it is open to the public for customer and development engineering services. Public tours will be given once a month starting in July and we will have a grand opening in August. See our website for more information.

In order to maintain our assets, we have a replacement/maintenance schedule for our pipes, pumps and even our treatment plants. Our treatment plants at Lakota and Redondo are over thirty years old and upgrades to them will be our biggest construction projects over the next few years. These projects include updating the electrical systems, bio-towers, and other parts of the wastewater process.

We are also likely involved in the construction projects you see throughout the area. Most building construction will need new or adjusted water and sewer service connections. Our Development Engineering section regularly reports to the Board on projects that are in progress throughout the District (you can see the list of projects in our April 27, 2023 Board agenda). We are even often involved in traffic construction projects. We coordinate with other governmental agencies within our service area on their asphalt overlay programs to determine if our pipes in areas they are planning to pave are in need of replacement. We quickly design, bid, and replace our assets before paving is completed to avoid disturbing new pavement. We also often have to relocate our utility lines for projects like Sound Transit’s rail lines and transit station.

So when you see construction throughout the area, be thankful for your utility employees who work to make sure the water and sewer service is provided and maintained.